Reminiscence Therapy

Our team at STARS, Inc. is excited to introduce reminiscence therapy into the practice and believe that utilization of this type of rehabilitation has the potential to benefit a significant population of our patients. Reminiscence therapy will be performed by the occupational therapy staff with STARS, Inc. and will primarily be utilized in the outpatient, skilled nursing and assisted living settings.

Reminiscence therapy is a biographical intervention that uses stories and objects of the past to promote positive emotions and enhance memories for adults with dementia, Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment. The theory behind reminiscence therapy is that an individual’s function is improved by decreasing demands on impaired cognitive abilities and capitalizing on preserved ones.

Reminiscence therapy is typically advised through two methods: group reminiscence work, where group members discuss past history, or individual reminiscence therapy, where useful stimuli such as music and photos are used to promote conversation of personal past histories. Both methods of reminiscence therapy have strong evidence to support improvements in depression, life-satisfaction, confusion, loneliness, and overall psychological well-being of the participants. Evidence also suggests reminiscence therapy as a mechanism for improving communication and social participation while decreasing caregiver strain.

If you believe that you or someone you care for may benefit from reminiscence therapy at STARS, Inc., contact us at 785-742-7300. If you feel unsure if this type of rehabilitation is appropriate for you or a loved one, we are more than happy to discuss potential treatment strategies!

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