Graston Technique Provider

STARS, Inc. now provides the Graston Technique for injury treatment and rehabilitation. The Graston Technique is an advanced soft tissue treatment method used to decrease pain and improve function utilizing high quality stainless steel instruments. This procedure allows our staff to detect and treat areas of “scar tissue” or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments that can reduce range of motion and cause pain. The benefit of the Graston Technique is not only in detection of restrictions or adhesions, but also in the amount of improvement that takes place in a short amount of time. Patients usually receive two treatments per week for four to five weeks and most patients have a positive response to treatment within the first two to three treatments.

The Graston Technique decreases overall time of treatment, fosters faster rehabilitation/recovery, reduces need for anti-inflammatory medication and resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent. If you have not experienced the Graston Technique, yet you have lingering discomfort or stiffness, please ask us whether you may benefit from this effective treatment.

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